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LGBT Adoption in Texas

LGBT adoption in austin texas

Prior to the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court marriage equality decision, the most common second parent adoption situation was when a same-sex couple are in a relationship and one of the parents is the “biological parent” of a child that was born during the relationship or where one parent “adopted” a child as a single parent. In these situations, the “second parent” is the non-biological or non-legal parent. Although Texas now recognizes marriage equality, there is still debate about whether adoption is necessary if the child was born during the marriage.

Jennifer zealously advocates for the parental rights of LGBT parents. She successfully represented the Petitioner in the first same-sex divorce granted in Travis County, Texas which was affirmed on appeal in spite of the Office of the Attorney General attempts to intervene in the case to set aside the divorce.

That case, and others, underscored the importance of advocacy in the legal realm on behalf of the LGBT community and specifically non-biological parents who have raised children with the biological parent only to be denied parentage or access to the child when the relationship ended. She has represented many non-biological parents in divorce or separation cases and successfully negotiated co-parenting plans on her client’s behalf.

If you are an LGBT parent who has parented a child with your partner or plans to, contact Jennifer about the process for establishing parentage of that child through adoption as this is still recommended to all parents in same sex relationships and marriages to secure their parental rights beyond the boundaries of Texas.

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