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Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption in austin texas

Domestic Adoption is an adoption handled in accordance with the laws of a particular state in the United States. Each state has its own adoption laws that governs the placement of a child for adoption, the consent process, paternity registries, citation by publication for unknown fathers, revocation periods for affidavits of relinquishment and enforceability of post adoption contact agreements.

Domestic adoption can be handled by an agency or it can be a private independent adoption. Texas allows both agency and private adoptions in which one of the parties is represented by an attorney.

For families pursuing a domestic adoption, we will advise clients on their legal rights and responsibilities and will provide an overview of the entire process, including the adoption evaluation process and the difference between private agency adoption, foster to adopt / CPS adoption and independent adoption. We work with clients at all stages of the process from initial consultations, legal issues, finalizations and ICPC.

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